Interim Management


Direct and practical support to teams

Typical situations that may require coaching:

  • Management changes and generational changes.
  • Support of (Top) Management while taking wider or new new management responsibilities or functions (Job Enrichment / Job Enlargement).
  • Monitoring and support in daily activities of new managers / team leaders.
  • Quantitative and qualitative training at individual and/or group level.
  • Team leadership.

Starting point / Objectives

  • Support to managers for the solution of specific problems: development of their role in the organization.
  • Follow-up / individual advice (or team management) to deal with complicated situations or tasks.
  • Development of the competencies of employees in a new leadership position or in a new work environment.
  • Follow-up of continuity solutions and change plan.

Process - Initial Phase

  • Initial interview aimed at getting to know each other and ensuring the conditions for successful work.
  • Definition of the scope of the mandate and agreement on objectives.
  • Assessment of the situation and appreciation of the (new) environment.
  • Joint elaboration of a customized concept, followed by execution and frequent reporting on miles stones.
  • Reflection on necessary changes. Development of strategies and actions.


We advise on decision making and provide solutions

And improvements focused on greater profitability for our customers. We seek optimization in all areas of the company and we focus on marketing and after-sales, production, logistics and controlling.



  • Active monitoring, supporting and follow up - "on the job" of day-to-day management.
  • Given practical hands-on support in day-to-day business.
  • Direct support in different areas and functions (p.e.g. Sales and Distribution, Sales-Up).
  • Team – Building, to enable them to successfully complete in future tasks together.

Process - Follow-up phase:

  • Active support and follow-up in change management for both employees and teams.
  • Periodic review and reassessment of planned milestones - establishment of new objectives, if appropriate.
  • Define and execute emergency measures in case of deviations and new actualities.